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About Greatek Machining

Greatek survives in the global of precious industry resources chain, we are major of offering the most advance technology、superior structural develop, and production sources to clients. A new division set up to service clients, doing machine components construction

We agglomerate more than 40 years of experience in metal components processing, and decided in year 2008 set up a new division to service clients, doing machine components construction. We expansion of the new plant、set up numbers of precision facilities from Japan, as well the latest processing technology was imported. We step towards to a new milestone. The same year, the『CIS corporate identity system』also bringing in, and actively convey『Technical Interconnected and common prosperity development』of enterprise core concept. Greatek forwards to the integration of multiple services with the goal of sustainable management.

We specialize of creating precision machine work, then to a finished part assembly in quality concern, basis on advance equipment and customization process. It achieves a target to both a high output quantity and cost down. The superior factors of advance equipments and technology、accurate cost control and service, Greatek is your reliable partner of production branch, and is committed to complete your long term plans with maximum efficiency. To create competitive product that can occupied in the increasingly fierce market.

To ensure a quality and professional OEM service; the machining division covers an area of 4000㎡, and accurate equipments for hardware device. The software of『e』system manages complete production line, ensure customer obtains a quality component on time.

Over the years, Greatek serving scope covers machine、automobile、mold、aerospace、electronic components industries. Today Greatek become one of the strength company, who can provides for full range of large size、heavy duty and precision machining parts. We are willing to be a favorable backing for your new development product and production process.